Deathwish, also known Deathwish RSPS, is considered the most advanced and unique free to play RuneScape Private Server in the industry. We have some of the most flawless and unique content you will not find anywhere else, including Automated Scam Safe Gambling, Inferno, Raids Bosses, Perfected Combat, Over 30 Bosses, All 24 Skills Working, Frequent Updates, And Loads More!. Deathwish Rsps is a runescape private server which has been online since 2014 and not looking to stop any time soon. Online 24/7 with a dedicated owner who interacts about the content with his community! What are you waiting for try us now!!

News & Announcements
New upcoming Custom RSPS

It's still in development stage but join the discord if you like and register on the forums:

News & Announcements
Updates 22-1-2018

Deathwish Updates

  • Fixed the discord link on the client/ ::discord command.
  • Tweaked the melee accuracy formulas should stop it from hitting constant 0s.
  • Fixed Frog Mask.
  • Pm notifications now timeout like they should instead of just stacking.
  • Scythe is now a 1 handed weapon.`
  • Added Tormented Bracelet 5% magic damage boost.
  • Re-added death cape.
  • Fixed Rangers Tunic.
  • Added Zamorakian hasta.
  • Random FPS drops should be fixed.
  • Added Flameburst Defender.
  • Removed the 5 minute chat filter.
  • Added overloads to the boss point store.
  • Slash Bash and Zulrah should now give bosspoints.
  • Replaced the dungeoneering currency with smuggler coins to prevent people from spending their pouch there.
  • Removed double drops will be making new donator zones soon.
  • Added Avatar of creation as team boss you could solo it but it would take a while it uses all 3 combat styles and hits very rapidly.
  • Added Mystical spirit shield - Same Effect as Divine + 20% accuracy boost and 15% damage boost for Magic.
  • Added Deathly spirit shield - Same Effect as Divine + 25% accuracy boost and 20% damage boost for Melee.
  • Added Horizon spirit shield - Same Effect as Divine + 20% accuracy boost and 15% damage boost for Ranged. Credits to for the name.
  • Small voting store revamp.`
  • Added prayer renewal ingame lol.

News & Announcements
Updates 7-1-2018

Deathwish Updates

  • Updated polypore's attack speed to have better dps.

  • Updated all rapier's attack speeds so dung is worth more the effort they had about the same delay as longswords before.

  • Alot of models were bugged while performing an animation or walking: Primal, torva, etc these have been fixed thanks to:

  • Fixed a ton of animations for example the 2 handed animation.

  • Adjusted the accuracy for melee weapons.

  • Added the cow outfit as cosmetic item.

  • Pking bots are now unagresssive.

  • Texture fix @ camelot and duel arena(no more deathcapes)

  • Re-added death cape with different model ids.

  • Added Exillion's cape.

  • These updates were kind of rushed more to come soon.

News & Announcements
1-1-2018 end of free donator

Ended the free donator promo.
Extended shopconainers handle unlimited amount of items.
That's about it happy new year everyone

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