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    Soon to come with more osrs content

    Need idea's for a store.

    Also should i enable selling back to any store? including voting dung donator etc for a 25% fee?

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    I can't help with ideas for a new store unfortunately as nothing is jumping to mind, however I do think that it's a good idea for selling back to some stores.

    I do worry about selling back to donor store, because it could "lower" the amount of people donating, as they could "finish" a skill i.e. magic (10m damage output achievement) then just get 75% of their donation back. For the donation store, I 100% believe it should be a sell back of 25% of donor points at the ABSOLUTE MOST, thus the only time you'd do it, is if you can't get someone to buy it for the value it normally is sold at.

    The other risk you've got, is people using the "easier to get" donor items, to get the more rarer ones, so i.e. I camp bandos for a week, get 10 Bandos chestplates, 75% of that in donor points it's a good amount of free points to use on some quite OP weapons. So that's my concern with selling back to the donor store, it could seriously devalue your donations and although for players it would open up access to the rarer weapons (which is a good thing in a certain way) for the server side of things, it could really damage either income, or value of some things.
    The best way to give you an example of this would be maths, so, 10 bandos platebodies from the donor store = 250 member points to buy. Meaning players would be getting 187 member points for free from 10 bandos platebodies, which are quite cheap on the server.
    at 25% sell back, they would be getting 62 member points, which isn't even enough to buy dragon claws, but still gets those who can't donate, some way of getting those donor items.

    Dung store sell back would be great, 50% is what Runescape do, so that would be fine here, otherwise those who get chaotics from the Mbox's will get 150k dung tokens for a lucky box
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