Forum Rules

1) - Spamming:
Flooding the forums with useless posts/threads will not be tolerated.
(No warning --> Infraction--> Ban if continued)

1.5) - Chatbox Spam
Flooding the chatbox with useless posts will not be tolerated
(1 warning --> Chatbox Ban)

2) - Harassment:
Flaming or insulting users excessively is counted as harassment and will not be tolerated.
(No warning--> Infraction--> Ban if continued)

3) - Discrimination - Discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, race, religious views, sexuality, ect. This includes using derogatory words being used as insults.
(no warning --> 2 point Infraction --> Ban if continued)

4) - Posting multiple reports and appeals:
Please avoid posting multiple reports or appeals after being told not to by a Moderator.
(1 warning ---> Infraction --> Ban if continued)

5) - Gravedigging Threads:
Please refrain from bumping threads that have not received any replies for over 1 month. You may bump threads which still have relevancy.
Note: Gravedigging multiple threads will result in auto-ban.
(1 warning--> Infraction --> Ban if continued)

6) - Staff Disrespect:
Disrespecting a member of our staff team will not be tolerated, they're here to help you. This especially applies to any flaming as a result of someone punishing/infracting you. You know what is acceptable and what is offensive.
(1 warning--> 24 Hour Ban--> 72 Hour Ban if continued)

7) - Toxic Behaviour
Disrespecting the server or it's members excessively is counted as toxic behaviour. This also includes posts like : "why do people still play this dead server"; "You must be mental if you play this " ; "Just shut down this server already".
(no warning --> 72 Hour Ban --> Permanent Ban if continued)

8) - DDoSing Members/Threating to DDos
DDoSing members or threatening to do so will not be tolerated and will result in a punishment without warning. Do not discuss it on the forums.
(No warning-->7 day ban---Permanent ban, depending on the proof and situation)

9) - Account Selling/Real World Trading:
Any attempt at selling your Deathwish account or Deathwish coins will result in a ban.
(No warning--> Permanent ban)

10) - Ban Evasion:
Using other accounts to evade a ban given to you by a member of staff. (Does not apply to Permanent Bans). You may make an account for the pure use of making an appeal, otherwise this account will be banned.
(1 warning--> Permanent Ban Including a ban on the other accounts)

11) - Inappropriate Content:
Please do not post pornography or any illegal activity.
(No warning-->Permanent Ban)

12) - Exposing Personal Information:
Do not post any personal information of other players, for example irl pictures, skype adresses or anything else.
(No warning-->Permanent Ban)

13) - Advertising:
Advertising another server or anything similar that may damage our playerbase is not allowed under any circumstances.
(no warning--> IP-Ban)

14) - Threatening the well being of the server or its members.
Hacking other peoples accounts or leaking ip adresses will result in a IP-Ban.

Disrespecting staff in your appeal/or in a thread after you got punished, will add a 2 day ban to your punishment, it's up to your punishment, if it was a 7 day ban, it'll add up a 2 day ban

Color Codes:

Temporary Ban
Permanent Ban
IP Ban

*All Punishment times may be adjusted at discretion of the staff.