View Full Version : I dont know why i got banned, and id like to know so i can figure out how to fix it

14-01-18, 10:33 PM
^^^^ all in the title

15-01-18, 10:46 AM
Yes it was me who banned your accounts, you both have the same ip address, your main is: Mighty Force, you were banned because i caught you (mighty force) attempting to dupe items and trying to get other players to help you out. Luckily the person you asked for help actually pmed me on discord and screen shared with me so I got the full picture. After i had explained that your account would be banned for 3 days as a warning, you attempted to evade my ban on an alternate account (one newly made) and one that was already made (hcaz12467) attempting to evade a ban is a serious offence:


So therefore your accounts will remained banned including your ip address you were using unless Nando decides otherwise.

Unfortunately I do not have my administrator privileges on Forums so I cannot ban you on here but i would ask you to refrain from flaming any staff members as this will only make things worse for yourself.