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14-09-17, 11:18 AM
Some suggestions of what I think could be changed for the better, if anyone reading either disagrees or wants to go into more detail / change my idea please do post!

Custom Home - Edit edgeville or even move home to Falador and have a more "specialised" home, make an identity for ourselves.
Either remove specific NPC's spawning in "slayer" zones or make all non-boss npc's non-agressive. There's a whole patch of water fiends in the ancient cavern and yet there's 1 waterfiend spawning by the skeletal warlords which makes a very bad slayer task for loot, really stupidly long as well as not very much money made.
Also fire giants are cancerous because of the wild dogs, that isn't as bad, because 127 combat means they shouldn't attack me any more.
Fix donations, the donations on the website say 1000 points is $100 yet in game 100 points in $100 donation scroll. I believe this may mean that air has either been given too many points to donate with, or the prices of the items in the shops are incorrect. Either way, at the moment he has $120 worth of donation items on current prices.
Fix voting
Fix trivia, there's lots of npcs that drop the dark bow, but yet the answer is "phoenix" it should be "dark beasts". As for the question "who is the owner of deathwish" I'd have thought "nando" would work, it doesn't.
Also logging out can bypass the "already answered" and get you more points, but if the question changes before 3 people answer, it says you've already answered the next question.
Make barrows chests give 1 boss point, Runescape itself sets a "boss task" on RS3 where by you kill all brothers, loot the chest and get a "boss kill" 10 chests = slayer exp + boss task complete.
Treasure Island - no boss points here at all, can it be 1 chest = 1 boss point? At least it adds to the tally then
Zulrah boss points
dying - Can we have clarity? Are deaths "free" at the moment as it's a beta?
Donation ranks - Are there new ranks? Do previous supporters of deathwish retain their ranks in any way or have to completely start as new as if they have never supported the server?
Why does everything hit through prayer?
Exp is a bit "too" fast especially with double exp + donator exp bonuses, Perhaps when double EXP is on, donation bonus' don't stack, or are 50% increased rather than 100%?
Some skills take time to level, such as crafting, herblore, farming, dung, but then we've got skills like fletching and firemaking where you can just buy 99 from the stores, removing any time from it, but also removing the need to trade for materials from slayers / PvMers, some 99's are just too quick / easy, exp is high and ease of access to "materials" Crafting is a PERFECT example of how shops should be on most if not all skills.
Rune scimmy (2 rune bars) gives about 11k exp base, but 1 bar items give about 8-9k each base, cost 184k less and only a small increase in exp. Is this intentional? I don't want smithing made easier, but it should be clarified. I think the exp rates are fair as it's a good gp sink.
Zulrah has just 5k health, that's not a considerably long fight for an NPC that drops one of the best weapons in game, on top of that the damage output of the "mist" clouds is low, low enough that making a mistake and standing in them isn't going to kill you unless you're super afk, or dc'd.
I'd suggest another 15k HP, making it a 20k hp boss, and at least a 50% increase in poison cloud damage to make it a boss that will kill you. If you can't increase HP, allow Zulrah to hit through all prayers.

There's more, but having a post with a list of current issues / ideas would be great so we can work through what should be changed, what needs to be changed and what could be changed.

If you have any new ideas, post them and I'll edit the list.

As and when things are updated, I'll strike out the line that's been updated.

Thanks :)

14-09-17, 01:36 PM
Thanks for the list mate.

14-09-17, 01:55 PM
dying - as it's still a beta it's probably free deaths due to it being a beta.
Zulrah needs boss points

Nps Loki, love the new server it's exciting :)

15-09-17, 04:47 PM
Hi all: Updated: Exp rates + Zaros prayers using the quick prayer menu.

15-09-17, 07:45 PM
good list

16-09-17, 10:22 AM
Thanks :)

Edit: Zulrah improvements - Make it scary