View Full Version : Donation and Game mode admin help plz :D

03-07-17, 06:06 AM
**EDIT** This is resolved, my account: ZuliWuli was banned and ZuliWuliHM has had all donation ranks and items transferred. ZuliWuli must never be unbanned as that is how this was fixed. Thanks so much!

Hey Guys!

I'm new, just found your RSPS and decided to donate as I love how it looks, feels and plays! Just 1 hour was enough for me to know this place is much better and well designed than so many others.

What I didn't take the time to learn was the Game mode system.

I was wondering If i made a new account, my rank could be removed off "Zuliwuli" and added to that new account, set for the hardest mode.

As i know there is an exp advantage to being a donator, i'd be happy to have the account reset, or even locked, as i won't be using it once I've moved the donation items and rank over to the new account.

If not, oh well.

Thanks :)


03-07-17, 09:12 AM
elevate has done this, what a legend! :D! So happy! new account: Zuliwulihm

03-07-17, 09:43 AM
This has been resolved - scrolls been put on to his new account and old account banned so there's not a spare donation account walking free:) Items transferred too his new account also. enjoy the game and glad you have felt welcome Tom :)
- Elevate