View Full Version : Died once again and wtf..?

21-04-17, 12:51 PM
So I was doing my slayer task and making arrows at the same for fletching exp. Suddenly I wasn't able to do shit. Couldn't log out, couldn't eat, couldn't change pray or tele out. Anything... just watch my account die to avianses. Tried to go pick up my shit on my alt acc, but couldn't since same ip. And I wasn't able to log out on Dothedew since I still couldn't do anything. Xlogged too late to go pickup my stuff... Like tf? This time it wasn't my internet, it just.. froze :S Lost vesta plate, legs and fury. I'm cool with those but gosh all the arrowtips. 8k+ addy, 4k+ rune and like 3k+ mith and 45k headless arrows ;( jeez. All the exp waste.