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23-01-17, 11:24 PM
Just been thinking about the server lately and how we need to grow it. I think the updates that have been implemented lately are an awesome start.

However I think in order for them to reach their real potential we need a group of members in the community to help Nando with content.
Obviously, Nando can't just work on updates 24/7. I think there should be a group of active members (3-4 people) within the community that collect data about minor updates that are needed and communicate this data to Nando in a prioritized list.

One of example of this is the :: Dropchecker command. I think it's a really great function. Many people have complained that it's "incomplete" or "doesn't work". These 3-4 people could work on putting together a list of drops and give them to Nando so he could roll it into the next update without having to research it himself.

Another instance is smaller things that could irritate people because it doesn't make sense. Things that really aren't server altering but should be fixed to make a more enojoyable experience. An example of this could be a dragon square shield. The shield alchs for 115,600 yet the halves are 117,405. Why is a completed shield worth half as much as the 2 halves? These are things that are commonly overlooked but are a quick fix.

Just a thought. Would love to hear some feedback from you guys :D

25-01-17, 11:12 AM
good idea :)

25-01-17, 06:48 PM
good suggestion, i'd partake in this

27-01-17, 04:19 PM
Sounds gucci, I'll have my comp in a few days and hopefully I will be able to log in and i can partake.

27-01-17, 10:29 PM
I think i could join this as well.

30-01-17, 10:57 AM
I'll jump on the bandwagon. I'm in for this boy.