View Full Version : my devil spirit shield just disapear in my face!! PLAYERS NAME= oveckin88

15-01-17, 04:12 AM
i reset my range level and hp and i go to rock crab train and when i wear my spirit shield and armadyl crossbow and i miss click on magic bow and the crossbow spawn in inventary but not the shield he just disapear if you can do something it will be appreciate because i paid my item with real money thank you!

15-01-17, 10:29 AM
I've just seen you in-game with the devil spirit shield and acb, i tried what you did and the shield still spawned in my invent, not sure if you fixed this by relogging and just don't know how to delete the post. do you have 2 devil spirit shields?

just talked to oveckin in-game and turns out he bought another one with irl cash :( Nando if you could look into this that would be great.

15-01-17, 09:56 PM
gave it back to him