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We have some of the most flawless and unique content you will not find anywhere else, including Automated Scam Safe Gambling, Inferno, Raids Bosses, Perfected Combat, Over 30 Bosses, All 24 Skills Working, Frequent Updates, And Loads More!. Deathwish Rsps is a runescape private server which has been online since 2014 and not looking to stop any time soon. Online 24/7 with a dedicated owner who interacts about the content with his community! What are you waiting for try us now!!

Updates 8-12-2017
by Nando
Deathwish Updates

  • The damn ugly whip animation has been fixed.

  • Wilderness multi zones are now all properly set.

  • Removed the shop interface replaced it with the regualar one.
  • Ironman restrictions: they can only trade the brother jared at home and the custom currency shops making the whole point of beign an ironman meaningfull. (will rework the npc droptable as time passes)
  • Agile top and legs now go into the right equipment slot and give you 50% bonus exp while training agility.
  • Rare loot from unholy cursebearers/thermonuclear smoke devils will now be announced.
  • Protect/Deflect Prayerers are no longer effective vs Kraken.

  • Money pouch is now also protected by your bank pin.

  • Took caskets from the droplist i mean there are plenty of things to earn alot of cash from.
  • Boosted Unholy cursebearer's attacks again. not so op as before but surely more powerfull.
  • Changed the Magic fang drop from kraken to skotizo, Toxic staff of the dead has been removed as drop and can be crafted by using a Magic Fang with a regular Staff of the dead.
  • Removed Trivia.
  • Removed the coin gambler.

  • Pking bots are now non agressive, They use soulsplit and turmoil, they don't lose items on dee You still will recieve Blood Money for getting kills.
  • Official new ingame rule: No protective overhead prayers when killing pk bots!
  • 25% Chanche to get a Tier 1 emblem for a target kill.
  • 50% Chanche of upgrading your mysterious emblem if you kill a target while having an emblem in your inventory.
  • Added an item search function on the droptables.

  • Implented a 100% scam safe gambling feature it has almost every rs related gamble game you can think off! ::gamble or use minigames teleport to get there. The Gambler there is also your man for mithrill seeds!
  • Addd a more clear number format to player owned shops so you can exactly set/see the price of items


Let me know what you guys think, your feedback is very much appreciated. If you find any issue, please report it here
Updates 29-11-2017
by Nando
Deathwish Updates

  • Highered the exp rates again due complaints.
  • Added Magic Fang, Trident of the swamp, Staff of the dead.
  • Staff of the dead/Toxic staff of the dead now increase magic damage by 15%.
  • Added Staff of the dead to K'ril tsutsaroth's droptable.
  • Added Magic fang to krakens droptable.
  • Made the Treasure Island bosses always drop a key.
  • Lizardman shaman now has its original map and hits trough prayer to make it a more challenging boss.
  • Added Thermonuclear Smoke Devils as boss.
  • Made Draconic Visage drops more rare.
  • Sorted out the cities teleports.
  • Sorted out the skilling teleports.
  • Made server messages less frequent.

Let me know what you guys think, your feedback is very much appreciated. If you find any issue, please report it here
Updates 22-11-2017
by Nando
Hey everybody

  • ::2fa is fully working again secure your account now!
  • Added a mystery box csgo like interface
  • Lowered the damage/accuracy/speed for unholy cursebearer added magic as it's weakness.
  • Pathing has improved again you will no longer run upto your victim while using ranged(Melee attacks on some npcs might be bugged now, if you find any please report the npc names).
  • Removed more nulls from the droptables
  • Added mystery box back to the vote store
  • Removed mystery box from the trivia shop
  • Fixed a huge glitch in the blood money store
  • Lowered all prices in the blood money store get pking people

Added Granite Clamp to the blood money store. (Enchants the granite maul and boosts it's crush attack to +95 and strength bonus to +85)

  • Added fighter torso/dragon defender to the blood money store.
  • Added Elder Maul to the blood money store.
  • Added Heavy Ballista to the blood money store.
  • Added Abyssal Dagger to the blood money store.

Let me know what you guys think, your feedback is very much appreciated. If you find any issue, please report it here
18-11-2017 Small update log
by Nando
Hey Everyone here are the new updates:

  • Fixed the Ganodermic Visor inventory model.
  • Fixed Ring Of The Gods inventory model.
  • Added the default skincolors to the custom ones.
  • Loyalty titles are now red instead of orange.
  • Ądded Abyssal Dagger to Abyssal sire's droptable.
  • Adjusted Great Olm's maxhit.
  • Added Unholy Cursebearer as boss with the following droptable:

  • Fixed the fisherman clue scroll by changing the location.
  • Added Amulet Of Torture to the blood money shop.
  • Added godsword ornament kits and godswords (or).
  • Fixed the godwars dungeon teleport

Let me know what you guys think, your feedback is very much appreciated. If you find any issue, please report it here

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