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Deathwish, also known Deathwish RSPS, is considered the most advanced and unique free to play RuneScape Private Server in the industry.

We have some of the most flawless and unique content you will not find anywhere else, including our advanced client, Many bosses to beat, 5 Game modes(Including Iron-Man Modes), Gambling, Minigames, Grand Exchange, Flawless Combat pvm/pking like never seen before. Over 100 achievements! We are a Runescape Private Server That has Both OSRS as Pre-Eoc Content, Amazing Hd graphics never seen on an RSPS before. Deathwish Rsps is a runescape private server which has been online since 2014 and not looking to stop any time soon. Online 24/7 with a dedicated owner who interacts about the content with his community! What are you waiting for try us now!!

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Deathwish Runescape RSPS News And Updates

Thanks to Mister Slyther

Posted by Nando, 21/10/2016 16:03, 5 comments

Thermonuclear Smoke Devil, few small patches

Deathwish Runescape RSPS News And Updates

Update log:

The hats for 99 capes now go into the right equipment slot
Cannon doesn't dissapear when firing but it also doesn't rotate :S it can now be refilled again though instead of a 1 time use
Thermonuclear Smoke Devils release they can drop the pet and armadyl battle staff which supresses the cost of blood/death runes.

The edgeville wildy ditch teleport will now teleport you into the wild since the ditch is not working.
Fixed an annoying nullpointer which had to do with npc drops

Posted by Nando, 15/10/2016 09:42, 4 comments

Abyssal sire release, Lizardman Shaman, Bunch of osrs items

Deathwish Runescape RSPS News And Updates

Update log 8-10-2016

  • IronMans can now access nomads shop after completing the quest.
  • Runecrafting robes can be purchased from the energy fragment store as requested/suggested many times.
  • Coins for voting rewards have been highered on non ironman difficulty to 10m and 1-10 vote points.
  • Made holy elixer drop more common from slash bash.
  • Added admin commands: forcekick, cashineco, reset, empty, potup and checkequip.
  • For those who didn't knew together with cerberus the items also got released:

  • byssal Sire Release it can drop the abbysal dagger and bludgeon and the pet.

  • Lizardman Shaman release it can drop dragon warhammer.

Posted by Nando, 08/10/2016 18:45, 3 comments

Small update - Cerberus release

Deathwish Runescape RSPS News And Updates

Cerberus release with the OSRS items as drops + some random bs since it took too long to write all the drops to json format

Some small patches like the range store can be used again dragon dagger uses 25% special again ect.

Posted by Nando, 26/09/2016 17:54, 3 comments