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Deathwish, also known Deathwish RSPS, is considered the most advanced and unique free to play RuneScape Private Server in the industry.

We have some of the most flawless and unique content you will not find anywhere else, including our advanced client, Many bosses to beat, 5 Game modes(Including Iron-Man Modes), Gambling, Minigames, Grand Exchange, Flawless Combat pvm/pking like never seen before. Over 100 achievements! We are a Runescape Private Server That has Both OSRS as Pre-Eoc Content, Amazing Hd graphics never seen on an RSPS before. Deathwish Rsps is a runescape private server which has been online since 2014 and not looking to stop any time soon. Online 24/7 with a dedicated owner who interacts about the content with his community! What are you waiting for try us now!!

Achievement tab fix

Deathwish Runescape RSPS News And Updates

it is fixed again

Posted by Nando, 17/01/2017 12:00, 0 comments

Player owned shops, dropchecker, bossing points

Deathwish Runescape RSPS News And Updates

Dear Players,

Today`s updates:

Player owned shops
Also added Bossing points haven't made a shop for them yet

Kind Regards,


Posted by Nando, 12/01/2017 16:06, 11 comments

Duel arena Toggle , Barrow rate increase, Re-download client

Deathwish Runescape RSPS News And Updates

is now fixed properly so you can see what armour parts are on or off

Fixed the bank chests at duel arena

Also i increased the chance on getting a barrows item when playing the minigame

Everybody should redownload the client as the auto updater was buggy

Posted by Nando, 02/01/2017 08:13, 5 comments

Drop rates increase

Deathwish Runescape RSPS News And Updates

I increased the droprates of most OSRS bosses.

Posted by Nando, 24/12/2016 12:37, 4 comments