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18-11-2017 Small update log
by Nando
Hey Everyone here are the new updates:

  • Fixed the Ganodermic Visor inventory model.
  • Fixed Ring Of The Gods inventory model.
  • Added the default skincolors to the custom ones.
  • Loyalty titles are now red instead of orange.
  • Ądded Abyssal Dagger to Abyssal sire's droptable.
  • Adjusted Great Olm's maxhit.
  • Added Unholy Cursebearer as boss with the following droptable:

  • Fixed the fisherman clue scroll by changing the location.
  • Added Amulet Of Torture to the blood money shop.
  • Added godsword ornament kits and godswords (or).
  • Fixed the godwars dungeon teleport

Let me know what you guys think, your feedback is very much appreciated. If you find any issue, please report it here

Updates 13-11-2017 / Small bug patches
by Nando
Goodmorning everyone

  • Added Great Olm as final boss npc(his claws are missing and it can sometimes noclip )
  • It actually drops loot.

I got kinda lazy so didn't finish up all drops from osrs wiki

  • Added the Dragons hunter crossbow + effect. (increases both accuracy and damage by 10% when fighting Dragons as well Great Olm)
  • Added Twisted Buckler.
  • Added Kodai Isignia.
  • Added $20,- Scroll to the blood money store.
  • Added Super combat/Karambwans to the blood money store.
  • Inferno boss no longer stops attacking giving you a free infernal cape.
  • Buffed Toxic Blowpipe damage a little.
  • Increased the attack distance for some ranged weapons.
  • Made ring of vigour function like it should: Pre-EOC formula

Don't forget to vote today for double points!!
Huge Update Log 12-11-2017
by Nando
Dear Players

Here are the new updates i hope you guys enjoy them:


  • Better tick based hitqueue(hit queue on a person example Dbow to gmaul).
  • The damage/accurecy is calculated before you hit. (exp drops will take place a little before you hit) like on rs.`
  • The Combat damage/accuracy formulas have been reworked everything should be more balanced now.
  • Fixed ranged and magic hitsplat appearing too quick after projectile fire.
  • Bolt's should not get triggered on every hit for their special.
  • Pathing alsos received a improvement again.
  • Nerfed the blood necklace a little.


  • Magic almost every staff was adding damage to the maxhit. (now it only adds 15% if player is using staff of light/Toxic staff of the dead)
  • Arcane stream necklace add 15% to the max damage.
  • Slayer helmet bonus now only works on npcs.
  • Took the delay off the home teleport button.
  • New smithing location actually teleports you there.`
  • Armadyl crossbow had the speed of a shortbow
  • Removed tons of null drops from the droptable still got tons to go! (nulls+red vine worms is what causes this in the droptables):

  • Protect/Deflect Magic no longer works against dragons.`
  • Kalphite queens 1st phase used to give loot which made the second phase useless this has been switched around.
  • Fixed the ugly animation that in combat made it look like your legs were tied together.
  • Removed alot of npcs from the droptable that weren't even ingame.

New items added:

  • Infernal Cape.
  • Infernal Mastercape.
  • Occult Necklace.
  • Amulet of Torture.
  • Malediction Ward.
  • Odium Ward.
  • Master Skill capes (require max exp in a skill they look a little buggy since it are rs3 items)
  • Elder Maul.
  • Dihn's bulwark.
  • Dragon sword.
  • Dragon Harpoon.
  • Dragon trownaxe's.
  • Kodai wand. (Suppreses the cost of water runes but somehow won't showup client sided).
  • Twisted bow. (issue with the shooting animation)
  • Heavy Ballista. (real powerfull but it doesn't have a animation/graphic)
  • Anecstral Hat, Robe top, robe bottom.
  • PolyPore Staff.
  • Ganodermic Visor, poncho, leggings
  • Super Combat Potions
  • Karambwans (perfected the food delay)

Client Feature:

  • Item name overlay, you will see they items and amounts on the floor, can be toggled off in the settings tab.
  • New Teleportation interface it's not working 100% yet but should do the job.


  • If you have a bankpin set you will you will now have to enter it before trading staking gambling or accesing your pos/money pouch.
  • This also brought a packet error to the attention of the developer this has been fixed.
  • Our client/server RSA components were changed to prevent other client's from logging in.


  • Started out with a small raids minigame.
  • Inferno Boss Wave is added to obtain the infernal cape.


  • Started out with the bloodmoney shop.
  • Exp Rates / 5 to make the game more challenging.
  • Wednessday's Bonus is changed to Double Blood Money.
  • Made the well of goodwill cost 250m and now grants 50% of bonus exp for 2 hours

Let me know what you guys think, your feedback is very much appreciated. If you find any issue, please report it here

by Nando
The main landpage now kinda looks how i want it too.
Fixed up the forum ranks added ruby and the right crowns and colors for users.
Also fixed the highscores with clean userright icons and set the completetion exp to 24b so the bar draws how it should.
24 * 100000000 = 24000000000
Alot of server sided updates are on its way stay tuned!
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