Welcome to Deathwish RSPS !

Deathwish, also known Deathwish RSPS, is considered the most advanced and unique free to play RuneScape Private Server in the industry.

We have some of the most flawless and unique content you will not find anywhere else, including our advanced client, Many bosses to beat, 5 Game modes(Including Iron-Man Modes), Gambling, Minigames, Grand Exchange, Flawless Combat pvm/pking like never seen before. Over 100 achievements! We are a Runescape Private Server That has Both OSRS as Pre-Eoc Content, Amazing Hd graphics never seen on an RSPS before. Deathwish Rsps is a runescape private server which has been online since 2014 and not looking to stop any time soon. Online 24/7 with a dedicated owner who interacts about the content with his community! What are you waiting for try us now!!

Small update - Cerberus release

Deathwish Runescape RSPS News And Updates

Cerberus release with the OSRS items as drops + some random bs since it took too long to write all the drops to json format

Some small patches like the range store can be used again dragon dagger uses 25% special again ect.

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RSPS server owner discovered this

Deathwish Runescape RSPS News And Updates

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A call for help which will benefit everyone

Deathwish Runescape RSPS News And Updates

Dear Players,

Before i start adding more content i'd like to ask you guys a question.
Since alot of you loyal players are often online alot and the most of deathwish's community is mature,
Could you guys help out some with advertising i mean i see some people online for many hours a day doing stuff.
Teamspeak is fun for talking i think ive heard most loyal players voices.
By helping advertising (I don't spam other RSPS's this will result in a ban).
Could you guys make youtube video's? Commentairy's are preffered but a nice beat and a little editing would also work fine.
It basicly doesn't really matther what the video's of deathwish are about it can be anything.

Some Random idea's:

Guides on Skills.
Series where an ironman for example go from scratch.
Create your whole own story since we all know and love how it sometimes turns into Dramawish i dont think there is a soup serie about rs or rsps yet so that'd be original lol.
Gambling clips collecting and putting together video's of it.
I was going to say Hail Satan but i think he might've od'd or got busted since he's been missing :'(
Do a review to the server the pro's/con's it has.
Boss Guides.
Money Making Guides.
Opening Mboxes/Chests.
X amount of boskills + loot @ the end.
Pking clips/videos (Sadly i see that last one not happening anytime soon since you are all pixelhuggers id probally be the only one fighting a random person who joined to pk or ) cmon guys i saw new players join often asking to pk and all they were getting was a ton of flame since they couldn't risk a torva set or such.

By having mutiple people uploading Deathwish video's

Named Deathwish RSPS - Name Of What Vid You're Posting Here

Description always include the right link so every video will be linked too eachother that and aswell for google who only scouts for this link https://deathwishx.com so no www. or anything.

Thanks in advance There will be a lil update later today/tonight someone implent 2007wiki in my brains so i can stop reading haha

Kind Regards,


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New Landing Page and Major Dupe Fix

Deathwish Runescape RSPS News And Updates

Check it out at https://deathwishx.com

and the major stacking dupe is patched thanks to SohaibRsps and your guys donations (y)

now new banner for advertising and bosses and st00f

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